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WMN CDMX is much more than an initiative; it is a movement with a clear mission: to promote the professionalization of women and artists belonging to gender minorities in Mexico's music and artistic industry. We are driven by the recognition of the value and potential of these artists' talents and skills, and our purpose is to provide them with the necessary tools and opportunities to compete and stand out in a highly competitive environment, utilizing music and technology.

The lack of access to education and ongoing skills development in the artistic industry has been a barrier that has affected many talented women, preventing them from reaching their full potential and receiving the recognition their creativity and dedication deserve. Aware of this reality, WMN CDMX stands as a platform that aims to break down barriers and eliminate biases, facilitating education, mentorship, and professional development. Our goal is not only for these artists to excel in their careers but also to inspire other generations of creatives.


Indra Arrez


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